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The advantages of using a professional pet sitter


Hiring a professional pet sitter means you don’t have to impose on friends, family, or neighbors. Having a professional pet sitter come to your home can help give you and your pets peace of mind when you’re away, whether it’s for a day, a short trip, a long vacation, or an extended hospital stay. We provide your pets with lots of TLC and keep an eye on your house, and can quickly alert you to changes in your pet’s health or problems with your home.


The Peaceable Pets team is experienced and comfortable with a wide range of pets. While dogs and cats are the animals we most commonly care for, we also have experience with rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, fish, frogs, and birds, and are willing to work with any non-venomous critters. We have also provided care for numerous “special needs” pets, including those who are blind or deaf (or both), have chronic health problems or special dietary needs (or both), and those who are dying.


Using a pet sitter is less stressful than boarding for most dogs, especially those who are elderly, ill, recovering from surgery, or uncomfortable in kennel situations. Pets who stay in their own home are not exposed to illnesses or parasites from other animals. In addition, most kennels require dogs to be fully vaccinated. If you are following a minimal vaccination protocol for your pets, this can be a problem. 

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